Restaurant and Bar, located in Zug, Switzerland, is the ideal destination for guests of all ages,from the youthful to the seasoned, and professionals ranging from managers to office workers, to experience a genuine sense of belonging. Whether you’re planning a date or a business meeting,this cozy restaurant area offers delectable food, while our lounge area invites you to savor a glass of wine or a cocktail.

Renowned for its inviting atmosphere, s’Herti is also well-known for hosting memorable events. We take pride in our efforts to convey the unique ambiance of this restaurant to potential customers.

Provided services:



Campaign photography

We delivered menu photos and captivating social media content, effectively conveying s’Herti vibrant ambiance and enticing people to experience the place at its best.


We supplied an Instagram design and content plan, ensuring a harmonious and effective page that resonates with s’Herti brand and engages its audience seamlessly.
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