Deutsche Truffelbaume


Deutsche Truffelbaume

are pioneers in cultivating truffles, introducing an innovative approach to Germany. They specialize in growing native Burgundy truffles, ensuring success through sustainable and certified methods. Guided by research from the University of Freiburg, they established the first German truffle nursery in 2010

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Campaign photography

We provided an extensive long photoshoot and a complete gallery of high-quality photos. This content, meticulously crafted for both their website and social media platforms, played a pivotal role in elevating the overall design aesthetics of the website.

Webdesign and SEO

We delivered a comprehensive suite of web design services, revitalizing existing website through meticulous rebuilding, refreshing design options, and updating content. Our adept team tailored solution, including the implementation of a specialized shipping calculator, to enhance user experience. Furthermore, we excelled in optimizing SEO strategies, ensuring heightened search engine rankings that translated into an enhanced online presence and increased visibility, ultimately driving business success.
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